Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The cost of convenience

About a month ago, we drove back from SF to LA and since it was Christmas day, In-n-Out, our regular stop in Kettleman City was closed. Boohoo. So, we had to just go to Baja Fresh? Or something like that? I was really kind of bummed because despite the fact that In-n-Out is still fast food, I make concessions for In-n-Out. I usually will never look at any other fast food because it's just simply gross. In-n-out is most definitely gross too but I think they are just a tad better than the rest. Their menu is so simple and really the only thing gross is the meat.

While eating a bean burrito, it just made me sad to think, "Wow, at what cost for convenience?" We really could've packed our own snacks and lunch for the drive down. My SIL always does! But we don't because, frankly, I get lazy. And yet, because I skimped on making healthy, nutritious food for our road trip, we had to stop at some gross place that probably cooked their beans in bad oil. I mean, that is literally what is going through my mind as we are sitting there eating. I am sitting there thinking about how this disgusting oil is probably sticking to my daughter's insides. How horrible that I was so lazy.

And then as the days progressed, I am walking around seeing the ramifications of our society of convenience. The plastic throw away everythings. One use utensils, coffee cups, water bottles...

Amazon is on my "no" list right now. It's just so easy to open up the computer, jump on Amazon and find exactly what I am looking for and then have it delivered to my door in TWO DAYS! Sure beats driving around trying to hunt a product down. Yet, Amazon does not treat its vendors well and there was this article about how they treat their third party delivery drivers. Terribly, actually. I am just not okay with that. So, I've been keeping off Amazon.

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