Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Through what lens?

Had a conversation with the hubs the other day. I was lamenting that my dyed hair was not bright enough. Why don't they make permanent dye in brighter colors? I wish I had asked that one girl what dye she used...

Hubs replies that yes, they do make permanent dyes, but those would be toxic.

My reply - since my lens is through a personal health lens - was, "Well, it shouldn't be too bad to use it since I'm only dying my ends. Nothing will actually touch my scalp."

And hubs says, "But it's toxic! And it would be toxic for the environment."

Oh..yea..that is his lens. The hubs sees everything through the lens of the environment. He is very much against the use of plastic, as well he should be. Well, we should all be. I mean...we currently produce over 300 millions tons of new plastic annually! And only 10% gets recycled. That is not okay.

Check into 5 Gyres often to see what's the current news on plastics and how it is polluting the ocean.

So...everyone go out there and get your reusable bottles. Start carrying it everywhere with you. We cannot sustain our Earth with the amount of plastic we go through.

Again, at what cost for convenience?

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