Monday, July 25, 2016

Teeth brushing

Just a short note on teeth brushing since I've come across this twice and, in my opinion, twice is too much. Twice, and from two different families, I have seen that these little girls do not rinse their mouth after brushing.

Eww, gross is what I say to that. Well, not to their faces, but I promptly say, "You need to rinse your mouth after you brush. So you can get all the yucky stuff out of your mouth."

People? Do we understand the concept of brushing our teeth? It's to get the bacteria and plaque off of your teeth. Now, if we are teaching our children that they don't need to rinse after they brush their teeth, then where do we think all that bacteria and plaque is going? Into your body...hello? I think that's gross.

And, now that we are on the subject of teeth brushing, here are a few of my favorite brands - Weleda, Earthpaste, Dr. Bronners. We stopped using Toms of Maine because a) bought by Colgate-Palmolive   and b) contains sodium lauryl sulfate.

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