Friday, July 22, 2016

Self help post

I don't normally post about self-help...but last week during my Waldorf Teacher Training, we were given an exercise that really opened my eyes to a new perspective that I just had to share.

Last week, we were given three exercises. Each one was the same, except the person was to be different. We were asked to think about someone that has made an impact in our lives. Don't do anything else. Just think about that person. It should ideally be someone that you don't see every day or maybe don't see at all anymore. The next day, we were asked to just share what came up.

Several of the students shared stories of people whom they've encountered in their lives that ultimately, their interaction with led them to Waldorf education.

My aha moment was that the people that I thought about made me realize that each one provided me an opportunity to move in the direction that I am now headed toward. There is one person in my life that no matter how often I tell this story, I have not been able to "see the light". The story is always a sort of downer for me. But after this exercise, I am now able to rewrite my story! Now if I were to retell this story, our encounter is now a positive one that allowed me to grow as a person. And I am really where I'm supposed to be right now and had it been different, then my path would've been different. I would've been a different person.

After doing this exercise I recognized that forgiveness can come if you look at what positives have come because of the certain situation. There is always a positive, you just have to be willing to find it.

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