Friday, July 8, 2016

Separation Anxiety

My child is seven years old. And, she's pretty outgoing so it seems. I know she has a very shy nature too. Might I venture to say a bit of a fearful nature. She's always been a bit hesitant to separate from my side but I thought that by now, at age 7 and a full year of first grade under her belt, she'd be different.

Not. I brought her to summer camp which was taking place at the same school where I was taking Waldorf teacher training. I thought she'd be okay since I was just in the classroom down the way. She was fearful on the first day of drop off. She cried a bit and said she wanted to stay with me, or she wanted to go home to dad. Neither of which were practical options. But she finally, bravely untangled herself from me. When I picked up her, it seemed as if she had a fun day.

Day two, she announced she was not going to camp. I forged on. Nope, not hearing it. "You are coming to camp." No pleading, no reasoning. Just a simple, "Come on, I made your breakfast.." Well, I have to believe that camp must've been mildly amusing which is why she didn't put up a fuss and came along. All went well.

Well, now that camp director sure is a smart cookie. She had the children make popsicles in preparation for the next day. Who doesn't love popsicles? So, of course the babes was looking forward to the next day of camp. Same thing this day. Popsicles made for the last day of camp as well and it was water play day. That's two things to look forward too. Again, smart cookie.

And I was quite relieved and happy to see how my child bounced into camp this morning. Happy as a clam and even exclaiming, "Hi Talisa!" to her new friend. Phew. I feel pretty good about this week finally. I wish she would've been able to jump right in from the get go...but then that would be too easy. Nothing is easy, right?

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