Tuesday, March 1, 2016


So, you know the babes just recently had to get stitches. Firstly, I understand it was a very sensitive spot on her face. Kind of prominent - like, an L shape right over her left eyebrow... And you know, her father and I are talking with the doctors and they are saying plastic surgery, ophthalmologist...stitches, scar. It's enough to make any seven year old feel self-conscious.

Anyhoo, in my opinion, I am not concerned that she has a scar. Really. I really don't think it's going to be that prominent. But I am really surprised at how vanity plays such a big role..maybe especially because she's a girl?

The hubs' cousin happened to be in town that Friday after the babes got her stitches on Thursday so we had him and his wife over for dinner. The first thing that the wife said when she saw D was, "Oh, if you don't look at the scar, your face is still very pretty."

Ummm...okaaaaay. Seriously? I mean, seriously. That is the best thing you could say??! Seriously.

Then yesterday we went to the nurse's office to get some blood crust off her eye because it was bothering her. There were some blood crusts right in the inner corner of her eye. The nurse gets those off and then tries to work on this other area but D was saying it hurt so we said stop. And the nurse said, "Oh, I just thought she might like that smudge off too because she didn't like the way it looked."

Ummm...no...we are not concerned about her looks right now. She JUST HAD SURGERY! We are just concerned about her comfort!! Seriously...this society is really just so disappointing right now.

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