Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Power of Essential Oils

I really cannot tell you how much I love essential oils and it really irritates me that essential oils and homeopathic remedies are not suggested at a regular doctor visit. It is very annoying that something so healthy will be overlooked to plug our bodies with poison.

The babes got knocked around a good amount when she fell off the horse. I mean, imagine, knowing the horse spooked and trying to brace herself to hang on, then falling and then getting kicked or grazed by the horse. Whichever it was, she has a pretty big bruise by her rib and lower left side and she has a knick.

Add stitches to that. The doctor, naturally, suggested giving her baby Tylenol for her pains should she have any. being the mother that I am and myself avoiding pain meds if at all possible. The only poison I gladly endorse is the Epidural. That toxic drug is a God-send. Others might call me a baby for getting it, but in that case, I am a big baby!!

We do not have Tylenol and for two days the babes was walking around gingerly, hunched over like an old lady. We finally asked her, is it your stomach that hurts or is it your muscles? It was her muscles. Well I remember my doterra rep singing the praises of Deep Blue formula for muscle pain so I pulled that out. I applied it to the babe's sore areas and then diffused it in her room that morning. Immediately, she felt better! No more walking gingerly! I did the same thing in the evening and I swear she's fine. I am really just amazed by the power of plants and herbs!!

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