Saturday, February 27, 2016

Parenting other people's kids...again..

Just had dinner at a friend's house. We were in the kitchen prepping dinner when her daughter came in and announced, "We're bored" mind you, we hadn't even been there 30 minutes. I turned right to her and said to her exactly what I have said to D,
"You're bored? Then I will go right into your room and take everything out and throw it away. If you say you are bored then that means nothing in your room is interesting to you so I will take it all out. Is that what I shall do?" (Not quite sure what came into me but I really do detest when children say they are bored)

The little girl looked at me, speechless, and then walked right back to her room. The two children were playing delightfully within minutes and could hardly pull themselves away to eat dinner.

Later when we got home I said to D, "Did you laugh when you heard me say I was going to clear C's room?" knowing I'd said the same to her. And D said, "Uh, C said, 'You're mom is evil.' and I responded, 'Yea, she always is. I'm used to it.'"

Well, that might be true but it's with good reason. As far as I'm concerned.

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