Monday, March 14, 2016


Annnnd, this would be a case where something might work for some people (like African Americans) and not so much for others (like Asian Americans or just Caucasians or the like).

Recently on a flight to Seattle, I noticed that the flight attendant was awfully beautiful. Radiant and her makeup was on point! I got up and complimented her. She told me her secret is Turmeric! What? Yes, she adds a bit of turmeric in her foundation before she uses it. She was, you guessed it! African American. Well, I was surprised at this bit of knowledge and we got to thinking, if it works for her, certainly, it can work for me too!

"Yeaaa! You could put a little in your foundation and I bet it would give you a nice warm glow!" she enthusiastically exclaimed.

Umm, yeah, not so much. I was super stoked to try this little trick out though! Obvi because I get so excited about discovering other uses for things in my cupboard. I tried it and clearly this little trick does not work for people like me. The hubs said I looked like an Oompa Loompa.

Yup! He would be just about right. :o( Bummer.
In any case, I bet if you were a darker complexioned African American woman, this would work great for you. I'm told many foundations tend to make black women look ashy. And, this flight attendant revealed to me that she learned this fancy trick from and article interviewing Thandi Newton. Maybe it works for lighter black skinned women too.

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