Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Act, Don't React's been a while since I've written. Didn't mean to get so far behind but life can get craaazzy sometimes.

Anyhooo, "Act, Don't React" was a quote I got from my Yogi Tea a few weeks back. At the time, I read it and thought, "Wow. That is really pertinent right now." That morning, I had had a not so pretty incident with the babes and wanting her to do something that she wasn't willing to do. I had already looked back upon the incident and saw how I could've approached the situation in a more positive way, and was feeling kind of bad and kind of guilty...and then I get this quote. Wow, right?

Yes, "Act, Don't React" is SO POWERFUL a mantra. At the time, yes, I thought it was applicable and did file into the back of my mind as something to be mindful of but I did not feel compelled to save this mantra as I've done with others. Like the one that read, "Having Gratitude invites Abundance". That one hangs on my wall. Lo and behold, "Act, don't react" rings through my mind quite often these much so that I feel like this might have to be my next tattoo.

I am finding it so difficult to just act and not react - though truly I am coming from the perspective that if I've let myself react just once in a day, I've failed. I am very hot-tempered and sometimes I just get nutty. And once my temper gets ignited, I have a hard time bringing it down. I do see the positives of NOT reacting. Absolutely. I also can immediately see that the minute I command and lecture, the babes' light goes out. She shuts off. And then she reacts to my words with acrimony. It does not make for a peaceful interaction and I really hate it. I know I can avoid these situation if I can just maintain my cool.

On the positive side, I have definitely found myself being able to maintain my cool when the babes is flying off the ledge and it really helps!

Act, don't react actually helps in all relationships - even with the hubs. Life is just so much better, kinder, sweeter when one can just maintain an even keel. I have high hopes with this one. The positivity that flows from this mantra is just too plentiful to ignore.

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