Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I juiced some beets the other morning. THREE beets to be exact, threw in a couple carrots, ginger and a bit of lemon. I drank that thing up and 15 minutes later, I felt very nauseous...and then vomited! All my beet juice just went down the drain. Literally.

Come to find out later that one should not juice more than half a beet and always mix with other juice like apple or carrot. Whoops. The hubs was fine though...weird.

I tried to Google "vomiting and beet juice" but there doesn't seem to be any clear indication as to what might've caused it except for maybe just too many beets. Well, I hope that helps some of you when you are making juicing concoctions. :o)

On a completely different side note, I made a batch of blueberry muffins today that I LOVE! They aren't cakey at all (not that I don't like cakey, I do), but they have an interesting texture. Mostly I think I love them because they came out super buttery. Yum!

Look at how beautiful they turned out.

Isn't that nice? All golden around the edges on those ones not in muffin cups. Thanks to Busy But Healthy for the recipe. To me, these are seriously the best ever muffins.

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