Tuesday, November 17, 2015

We do not all look alike

The babes is in school now...with several Asian girls in her class, and in the greater school and she'll come home and say, "So and so called me Kika."
I could laugh it off (and call it teaching tolerance), but really, I can't. Because when people (mainly caucasians) can't tell the difference between Asians, I don't think that is excusable.
WE DO NOT ALL LOOK ALIKE. Yeah, that's all in caps because I want to scream it to the world. I am literally, REALLY offended when people can't tell the difference between me and someone else who is Asian. And I think teachers who commit this offense are the worst. You are seeing these children every day. That is not okay. Of course, I am not saying that D's teacher mistakes her with another child. He doesn't. But if he did, I would certainly have a word with him.

A woman did tell about an instance where even at the end of the year, the teacher kept confusing these two children (they were Hispanic). Again, that is not okay!

I am NOT okay with this sort of behavior. To me, it just seems like lack of interest, laziness to really look at a person. Am I wrong? Even if you, the reader were to say, "Oh, come on...you're being too harsh" I would disagree with you. I will not even entertain an excuse for this behavior. There is none.

There was one point in my life where I had moved to another city. And, without giving any specifics, let's just say it rhymed with "Itsgurg"...where all of a sudden a lot of the males in the company where I worked seemed to look very, very similar - white, close-cropped hair, usually glasses, sweater tucked into jeans. And I was having a hard time differentiating them. However, I felt TERRIBLE about it and thought there was something wrong with me! WHY couldn't I tell the difference between Tim and Tom? I was really working hard on myself to figure this out. Hellooo? If I had that kind of reaction, I expect everyone who cannot tell the difference between two individual to ask themselves the same question and work harder at trying to find the differences! Ahem, in the case of Asians, we hardly ever all dress the same, we don't have the same hair and we certainly don't have the same face.

So annoying.

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