Thursday, October 22, 2015


Lately, the hubs seems to be out of town a lot. In fact, he's out of town right now. Tonight, after I had put the babes to bed and went into the kitchen to do the dishes, it made me think of childhood memories. I wonder if the distant sound of dishes being washed will be a comfort to the babes when she grows up.

When I was young, I remember falling asleep in my mother's lap as she played rounds and rounds of mah-jong. So, now as an adult I still have that fond memory of hearing my mother's voice vibrating from her body as she's conversing and having a grand time, playing and chatting with her friends while I slept on her lap. It's just such a nice memory for me.

So, this evening, I wondered if the distance sound of dishes being washed would create an indelible mark in D's memory since that is often what I get to right after I've put her to bed. I'm sure it might be somewhat comforting as she is falling asleep to know that I am right down the hallway...doing dishes. As opposed to there being complete silence and her not knowing where I could be. I suppose a nicer memory could be falling asleep to her mother's voice as I rock her to sleep...those days are past. She would just tell me to be quiet if I tried to sing her to sleep now. She's six years old after all. Practically an adult!

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  1. I also remember your daddy's Porsche when we all came over for MJ!!