Friday, October 16, 2015

Blessed children...and their moms

I've mentioned before how when Waldorf first graders start first grade, they are paired with their 12th grader, if the school goes through High School, or they are paired (in our school's case) with their 8th grader.

I have to tell you, those 8th grade and 1st grade bonds run deep. At the beginning of school there was a school function - An all school Hoe Down and the babes waited and waited for her 8th grader. The minute her 8th grader showed up, she whisked the babes away
and I didn't see the babes until the event was over. She danced, played, ran's crazy. The 8th grader basically replaces the parent. Even in the mornings at drop off, when the bell rings to line up, it's her 8th grader she seeks out to hug before the start of her day.

This weekend, I have to work all weekend at an Expo. I had to find an all day babysitter for the babes since the hubs is out of town too. I reached out to the 8th grader who was ECSTATIC for the opportunity. I mean, for me, there is nothing more joyful than to know someone is genuinely excited to spend an entire day with my child.

As it turns out, the babes came down with a fever on Thursday. We seemed to have kicked it and if I were thinking smarter, I would've just kept her from school today but my brain cells sometimes just fail me. When I picked the babes up from school today, she was running another fever! Boooo.

I felt that the babes should probably just rest tomorrow, so in desperation, I reached out to my sister and my niece thinking it would be better for the babes to just hang out with family and lay low. As it turns out, my niece was fighting something and they wanted to try to keep her well so she could go on a field trip next week. Which left me with having to call the 8th grader's mom to see how she felt about still having the girls (the 8th grader is a twin) watch D despite her being possibly sick. Well, wouldn't you know it - the mom is just as awesome as her kids. She did not bat an eyelash. Basically, responded that yes, the girls will be fine to watch her and they will be sure she rests. Oh and by the way, the 8th grader was so worried that I had been calling to cancel. She would've been devastated. Bless their hearts! Such love!

I did mention that I may have my mom spend the night and drop D off later so I wouldn't have to drag her out of bed and rush her to get over to their house. The mom's response was, "Sure! But if your mom can't spend the night then D can even spend the night at our house if she has to!"

I meeean, seriously? These people are amazing. I feel so blessed.

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