Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Natural Foods Expo

I recently had the chance to attend the Natural Food Expo in Anaheim.  This is a really large show!  It covered two floors and several other rooms as well.  It's nice to see so much natural, organic product out there.

What I was most surprised to learn was that several of the brands that I thought were cool are available at Safeway/Vons!  In fact, my gf is able to find Guittard chocolate at her local VONS in Pasadena.  They offered a 100% chocolate at the show - zero sugar, which I love.  But, I'm pretty sure they are not selling that into any local grocery store.  Who would buy it except for me?

There is a kombucha brand called Live Kombucha Soda with a mission to produce kombucha that tastes like soda - so you get the flavor of, say an orange soda, with the benefits of the probiotic.  This soda is in Target!

I must admit, I am a bit of a grocery snob so I haven't quite stepped foot in a VONS or Safeway in years.  But it looks as if I may need to start venturing out to these stores more given what they are now offering.  I also think it depends on its location.  But it does look like conventional supermarkets are upping their game.  It just goes to show you, the public can speak with their wallets...now if only we can get the personal care product industry to fast track banishing their very toxic practices for safer products.

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