Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Coconut Oil

Well...I've been a fan of coconut oil.  There was that one time I quickly jumped on the oil pulling craze.  I actually went a week without actually brushing my teeth!  And then I came to my senses. However, I DO believe oil pulling definitely works. Prior to my oil pull stint, every time I went to see the dentist he would comment on plaque on my lower teeth.  After my oil pull obsession, at my last dentist appointment the dentist commented that my teeth looked good!  No comment on plaque.

Shortly after coming back from my dentist appointment I could see plaque building up again on my lower teeth.  I've been oil pulling and I am seeing the plaque disappear.  It works!

I recently had a conversation about oil pulls with a neighbor who is also a big fan and she mentioned she does oil pulls when she is phlegmy from the flu and it literally clears her up.

Remember when I jumped on a semi "no-poo" hair program and raved about loving just using baking soda and apple cider vinegar to wash my hair?  That didn't last long because I was afraid the ACV was going to wash out my color.  Then, I looked to see how people were conditioning their hair and came across using coconut oil..."Sure," I thought.  "I can do that!"

I gladly slapped on coconut oil into my hair, slept with it with a plastic bag over my hair.  Then kept my hair up the whole next day for that extra conditioning.  When it came time to get it out, I thought baking soda and ACV would do.  Nope, it did not.  Another online search and it seems that only an EGG WASH can get the coconut oil "mask" out.  (But be careful that the water is not too hot otherwise...scrambled eggs..)  Umm..okaaaay.

Suffice it to say that I am so over the "no poo" method and that darn coconut oil mask.  No thanks.

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