Friday, March 20, 2015

Graceful Confidence

A Refinery29 post came into my inbox via my sister (who often keeps me updated to goings-ons by forwarding just the good stuff to me) the other day.  I LOVED the video from the post.  May all little girls have this little girl's sass!

What struck me when watching this, however, is the palpable pause that is in the little girl's response when she is recanting that "a little boy called me....(pause)...ugly."  You can tell it hurt her and it even hurts her to say the word.  It IS an ugly word!

But what a beautiful response she had and I'm glad she's able to walk away and laugh about it. I wonder what my daughter would've said...I know for certain she would have a retort.  I'm not sure it would've been as graceful.  My girl's got fire in her.

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