Saturday, October 18, 2014

You can't change the impossible...or can you?

The baby is not such a baby anymore.  She's FIVE!  And she's got all kinds of spunk and personality and back-talk-onality...

Yeah.  This girl sometimes gets real smart-talky.  I usually ignore, but her dad sometimes gets really annoyed with it.  He says, "But she doesn't even make any sense!"

Well, duh.  She's five.  She doesn't really know how to make a case for whatever she's disagreeing with.  It's just what is her reality.

And then the hubs says, "I just wish she wouldn't argue so much!"

My response to that would be, "Look at who her parents are!  We argue all the time."

Not in a bad way but we both really like to state our case.  Maybe she'll outgrow it?


  1. yeah, right... welcome to my world of love & frustration... :) she will NOT grow out of it and in fact, will begin to make sense and then you'll REALLY be amused. maybe you can bolster yourself to be better equipped for it...

    1. Haha! Well...argument can be healthy. Heheehe!!