Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Influence of Friends

Since we started Kindy this year, we've had to pack a lunch for the babe.  At first, it was a bit of a challenge trying to come up with lunch ideas.  But then I think I've gotten in a sort of  a rhythm.  Waldorf early education is based on rhythms in the classroom, rhythms throughout the days, weeks, seasons, I figured, why not create a lunch rhythm and basically make the same lunches each day.

Mondays - whatever we had Sunday or something like it
Tuesdays - Roasted Veggies and Quinoa
Wednesdays - Potatas Bravas (or spanish tortilla)
Thursdays - meatballs and roasted butternut squash
Fridays - Kicheree (brown rice with lentils) and kale

I am not in favor of sandwiches with processed meats.  I just think that's unhealthy...of course, there is a double standard when it comes to that.  As I try not to feed D processed meats, but Italian Heroes are one of my FAVE sandwiches!  Especially from Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica. Their Godmother is deelicious!!  I highly recommend.

Well, wouldn't you know it.  Last week, D came home and asked for a turkey sandwich for lunch!!  I guess all her friends were eating turkey sammies and so she wanted it too.  I immediately announced, "Well, we are going to have to roast a turkey breast to make sandwiches then!"  G, of course said I was crazy and went to Trader Joe's for their turkey (nitrate free).  I winced as I made that sandwich, but G said, "C'mon.  It's not going to kill her..."

And it's true!  It's not going to kill her but I do hate giving her processed foods if I can help it.  However, I did love cutting the sandwich into a puzzle and I guess I wouldn't have been able to do it had it been a thick slice of fully roasted turkey.  And, it might've been the first time D finished her entire lunch...turkey sammy, sliced apples and some crackers.  And it sure saved me a lot of time in the morning making her lunch!

Now on the flip side of friends' influences...some of D's friends are in nap after school.  We, of course don't put D in that because she hasn't napped in years.  A few weeks ago, to my surprise, D asked to be put in nap to "try it out".  The reason?  "Because my friend, I, says they serve really yummy snacks at nap time." That's my girl..out for the snacks!

Okay!  I'm in!  Nap?!  That will get me an extra TWO hours in the day so I'll actually get to work six hours straight instead of just four.  Great!  In fact, D specifically has asked to be put into nap on Tuesday because her friend, N is in nap on Tuesdays.  I'm totally looking forward to next Tuesday!  Hopefully, this can be an ongoing thing and I can count on working later on Tuesdays.

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