Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Wonders of Waldorf

We recently had our Kindergarten Orientation.  Now, there are several reasons why I love Waldorf Education...the execution, the community...but the main one is that it is an intentional education based upon human development and at the center of the early childhood focus is a reverence for the child.

And to that end, the teachers are required to continually educate themselves through workshops and outside study and they also require parent education because it takes a village to raise a child and we all work together to help facilitate the blossoming of the child's destiny.

In our recent Kinder orientation, the teacher recommended that chores to be introduced.  She handed out a sheet that listed chores and responsibilities that are age appropriate with a legend that indicates at what age they might need assistance, might need reminding/supervision and then should not need reminding or supervision.  On the backside, she includes a print out of common "concerns" that have been experienced by parents at childrens' various ages from age 3 to 14.  I find both printouts to be so helpful!

But what I love best about the first print out is what the teacher personally writes down at the bottom of the page - WE SHOULD (LEARN TO) LOVE TO REMIND THEM.  Of course!  This is where that reverence of the child comes in.  Yes, we should learn to love to remind our children because they are children.  They are young.  We are here to support them.

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