Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Little Miss Temper x2

Last night, the hubs chuckled about something as he was thinking back to a previous day's play date.  I asked what he was chuckling about.

He told this story - The other day at play date, he was hanging out on the couch watching the girls play.  D comes by and happens to accidentally hit his foot that was hanging over the couch and it tripped her.  Well, she got really mad and hit his foot and screamed, "Dad!!!  You tripped me!!" fighting back tears.

He said, "She just gets so mad...where does she get that anger from..."

And in hearing this story, I could totally relate.  I replied, "It's just innate.  We are born with it.  I can totally relate.  I used to get so angry I'd throw things.  My dad was the same way.  He had explosive anger too."

In fact, that reminded me that only just this past weekend, I let my anger get the better of me.  I was so angry that the baby didn't help me by trying to put her own seat belt on,  I flipped out, put her seatbelt on for her and then slammed the door.

Yeahhh...kinda felt immediately guilty after I did that.  Wasn't sure how the babe was going to react.  She did not cry.  She was silent for a moment, maybe two minutes.   And then just very casually commented on something entirely new, "Mama, today I saw Miss Caro wearing the same pants you have." #whosparentingwho

Me, of course, calmed by now, "Oh?  Was it the same color?"

D: "Yes."

Mind you, we were on our way to get ice cream and we just continued on our way and got our ice cream. I did apologize to her while we were eating the ice cream.

Me: "D, I'm sorry I lost my temper back there and slammed the car door."

D: "You always lose your temper."

Me:  "Yes...I guess I do.  But I'm working on it....."

And we left it at that.

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