Thursday, April 3, 2014

Elf on a shelf...for your birthday!

Ummm..yeah.  Elf on a shelf has repackaged itself to capture more market share.

I mean, why am I even giving this guy air time?  I dunno.
I just can't believe that my friend bought into the gimmick. Now, not only does this guy come out during Christmas, but he surfaces around birthday time.  It was a funny comment my friend made - She said, "I can't believe I bought into it, like I need something else to deal with..."

And that made me think - well, at our house D has discovered leaving "gifts" for the fairies.  Imagine being creative EVERY night acting as "fairies"...It all started one evening when I made meatballs.  D put a piece on a plate for the fairies. I thought it was fun to eat half and leave the other half.  When she found the eaten bit the next morning she was so excited!!  Then she sort of forgot about the fairies until recently.  She decided to leave a piece of food for the fairies.  I took that food, threw it away and put a jelly belly in its place. O.M.G.  Can you imagine how excited she was to find that treat?  Yeah...and now it's every night a gift for the fairies and I can't give her candy every morning!

Oooh, I made a mini crown one night.  I quickly felted a red heart another day...candy some other times.  But, one day she ran out in the morning and the fairies left her nothing.  NOTHING.  And she came back to report that the fairies left her nothing.  She was not upset.  She was fine.  And then later in the day she said, "Even if the fairies don't leave me anything, they have left me something - they've left me joy and love!"

I mean...BIG HUGS to this girl.  How do you not love that??

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