Monday, April 7, 2014

"Feel like a woman, wear a dress"

Thank you, I think I will.

"Feel like a woman, wear a dress" was coined by and has become Diane Von Furstenberg's motto.  I love it.  I love wearing dresses.  One flip over the head and voila - an outfit.  It can be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorize it or what shoes you wear.

I feel so fortunate that the Journey of Dress exhibit by the LACMA was extended!  I dragged my feet too long to get out there to see this exhibit and before you know it, my sister had tweeted how grateful she was for the extension and would get out to see it quickly!  So, we went together along with our daughters.  Was such a powerful exhibit and inspirational.

Here is this one woman who made it HUGE with just one dress.  Something that she came up with because she needed something to wear.  And here is this dress, decades later still so relevant in the fashion lexicon.  No frills, no bells no whistles.  Just a simple wrap dress in one fabric.

Besides over 200 iterations of that dress exhibited in the museum there was also another section that was dedicated to images of DVF throughout the years.  Below is my favorite photo of her:

This is a photo of her today.  Isn't it beautiful?!  Isn't she beautiful!  Never mind D's hand hangin' out below.  She loves to pose for photos but I would prefer for her not to be in the photo.  Back to DVF - this woman has aged so gracefully. And she had three or more of these images posted up on the wall.  She certainly embraces her beauty and that is very admirable given today's society where it seems like every 5 seconds someone is trying to do something to mask their age.  Didn't I just complain about chicken neck?!!  No, not Diane.  She's not afraid of a little chicken neck.  Well, that might just be because she doesn't have a wrinkly neck.

Ooh, and check out DVF's page for fun videos and more information about Journey of a Dress.  Exhibit is extended until May 1st.  Get out there and see it!!

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