Monday, March 31, 2014

Art perspectives

I am finding "learning about childhood" so intriguing!

For instance, the other day, D and I went to the beach.  In preparation she said, "I'm going to bring my Flutterby book so I can draw her on the beach!"  Great idea!  Lately, she's been kind of getting into looking at pictures and re-creating them on paper.

When we get to the beach, I find her with her book and digging.  I ask, "what are you doing?"  She replies, "I'm digging for wet sand so I can draw Flutterby!"  I say, "Okay."

I'm not quite understanding why she needs wet sand to draw Flutterby.  Wouldn't she just use her finger to draw in the sand?  Well, while she is digging away, I borrow her book and flatten out an area of sand and draw Flutterby with my finger.  D comes by and says, "Good!"

Then she goes off with her book and continues to dig for wet sand and then proceeds to "draw" Flutterby in 3-D form!  She is pulling up the wet sand to form the body of Flutterby and then the wings and then the legs!

I was so amazed!  What is going through this little girl's head that she thinks of making 3-D figure artwork?  It's just so awesome.  I so wished I had my phone with me to snap a picture because it was so good!  But, on the other hand, I was happy not to have my phone because I try not to bring my phone out when D and I go on special outings such as this beach trip.  I find it hard enough to concentrate and be present when I am just with her on a day-to-day basis...too much going on in my I make the conscious effort to leave my phone at home so I can be present with D.  So, I'm glad I have this blog so that I can remind myself of this beautiful day.


  1. you mean 3D, right? cuz i think what you drew in the sand was 2D, meaning 2-dimensional, flat like on paper... :)?

  2. oh, how cool.... i would definitely LOVED to have seen a picture... :O)