Monday, April 7, 2014

Dog or kid?

Was out walking the dog with D this weekend.  A lady with her dog walks by and as D is playing on a dolphin sculpture nearby the lady says to me, "Your daughter is so cute!"

Me:  "Oh, thank you!"

She:  "Which do you like having better?  The kid or the dog?"

Me: Pause...reflect..."That is an interesting question...."

And I just left it at that.  Oh I am sure there are mothers out there that would immediately reply, "my daughter, of course!"  Well, I'm just not one of those moms.  I absolutely ADORE dogs.  There is nothing out there better than a dog.  They give love unconditionally. Never ask for much and just always ready to greet with love and affection. The kid...not so much.  Not that she is not just as enjoyable, but just a lot more work.  Am I right?  Jus sayin'..

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