Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fairies and chicks and horses, oh my!

Oh my, indeed.  It's no joke running a school...especially a relatively new one...and especially when my career path never included anything remotely close to "early childhood education".  But, run a school is what I do right now and it's for the love of Waldorf and the love of the teachers and the families and their children.  I firmly believe the South Bay needs a Waldorf school.

But I digress.  Back to me and lack of sleep.  Yes, running a school is no joke especially when the lead teacher has broken her foot and we have to find a substitute to sub as assistant so our regular assistant teacher can take the lead.  It's been last week and this week.  This week, being the week before Spring Break, our assistant teacher wanted to send the kids home with these cute little wool easter eggs that have little chicks in them.  Well...there's just no time to get these things done in the classroom so I've been asked to make the little chicks.  12 of them.  This is what one looks like:

Then, after I finished those, I ran inside my closet to needle felt a little horse for D as her present from the fairies.  (Where can a mother get some sleep around here??) As I mentioned in a previous post, D's into leaving gifts for the fairies and almost every morning, she receives a gift back from them.  Yes, quite exhausting to come up with something every night and something that is distinctively different than my usual crafts (like my crocheted animals..I've made those too much that she would then KNOW the fairies are me.  We can't have that.)  Plus, everything the fairies leave need to be relatively miniature.

The good thing is, she's five.  Perfection in execution is not necessary so here is my needle felted horse:

Heehehe!  She's named her Sweet Marshmallow.  Good name, right?

Well I broke my needle felting needle last night making the miniature thing so tonight I'll have to think of something else as a "fairy gift".  Yes, I give up on sleep to make these things, but it's SO WORTH IT to keep the magic alive!!

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