Friday, September 2, 2016

Best sun products

Summer is almost over..but here in sunny California, there is always need for sun protection. Here are some of my favorite products that I have been using all summer:

Firstly, a nice sun hat.
I can't remember where I got mine, but it's a basic straw, woven hat..I've been seeking out something like this though because I often wear my hair up and need a space for my ponytail! HOWEVER, someone recently said, "Oh no, you need to cover your head!" So...maybe not.

I saw this hat once on a girl and she looked so cool, so chic with it on. I definitely covet this "spinner" hat from Lola Hats. Just a tad out of my price range right now but maybe next summer.

Okay, now onto sunscreens...well, first Golden Sundrops. I absolutely adore this product from Lalun Naturals.

This product is NOT a sunscreen but rather "an antioxidant, free radical scavenging blend to help skin defend itself against environmental assaults such as UV exposure and pollution" I like that. The founder, Maggie Mahboubian used it all day during an event that took place by the water and she did not get burned.
Second, I really like Manda Sun Paste for those very fair-skinned beauties. My friend has two very fair skinned daughters. I used this Manda paste on their skin whilst at the beach and they did not get sunburned at all. This is very pastey. It has a very thick consistency and it is not made to "melt" into the skin. I like to use it if I know I'm going to be in the sun for a very long time, being active. I bought the smaller size just to test out and I like it. I'm sure I will have it into next summer too.

Finally, I adore Beautycounter's Sunscreen stick. It's so easy to apply, it works great and it smells like orange chocolate. The size looks small but it lasts quite a long time. They just launched a larger size for body so of course, I got that size too. Now it sits right by our front door along with several other sunscreens so we always remember to apply before we walk out the door!

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