Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to School

Uh-oh. School is starting back up. Of course, I'm glad that it is but it also means time to start packing snacks and lunches again...and we all know how much I really dislike doing this because I can't seem to get organized enough to streamline.

Let's see if I can manage it better this year.

Firstly, school is starting and the seasons are changing so I probably want to start upping our Vitamin C intake every day. By a lot. Just so we are equipped with our "health armor" when we start school and we avoid any sick days. This means more dark green, leafy veggies, berries and peppers (still abundant at the farmer's markets), broccoli, citrus, peas

Here's an interesting article about Vitamin C from Paleo Leap. I kind of like it. I like that it says if we eat close to raw we are getting enough vitamins for our bodies. Of course, I realize I don't need to go overboard, but just being conscientious of what I'm preparing for meals will be helpful.

I definitely believe that our health begins in our gut and with our diet.

Here are some snack ideas:
Hummus, fresh veggies
Siggi's yogurt or any other yogurt that is high in protein. Siggi's has a 4% protein
I'm going to have to dig up some cracker recipes
I'll do fruit but I also know a protein is important for snack time as opposed to fruits which can spike the sugar
I guess I could do PB and banana
Rice balls! Stuffed with salmon or avocado is awesome

I'll have to tackle lunch another time.

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