Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pokemon Go...Away

I wish it would just be Pokemon Go Away...I'm a bit over seeing everyone glued to their phones looking for silly characters in a game. I mean, it might be because my child goes to a Waldorf school and there is a no media policy. But I definitely send her there for a reason and I really don't believe that children should have access to media. When your face is glued to your phone, you miss out on seeing the beauty that is in the every day, in nature. And I think that is a miss.

The other day, a father in our neighborhood said, "There was a ...(insert character name, I can't remember), in your yard the other night!"

I replied, "A what? Oh, you mean pokemon?"

He said, "Yeah!"

I said, "Oh, blah. Kids really should not be glued to their phones."

He replied that he LOVES it! Finally, something that gets his kids outside! He said, "Listen, I've got four kids and they are always glued to the video games inside. I'm so thankful there is a game now that takes them outside!"

Okay, this is where I am thinking to myself, where does parenting actually take place these days? If you want your child to go outside, then provide them with the opportunities to go outside. Don't make crutches (ie, video game, television) available to them and they WILL go outside or at least be creative inside. TAKE them camping, hiking. Make outdoor available and enjoyable and they will seek it. We live in California, people. The land of eternal sunshine. There is a beach and mountains a stone's throw...it's tragic that kids would sit at home staring at a senseless box.

I hate it. I hate the lack of will and intention in people these days. Just sitting around waiting for something/someone else to provide entertainment.

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