Friday, May 8, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day. It's a Hallmark Holiday for sure, but this one is kind of nice since if there wasn't one, when else would anyone ever honor their mothers?? Our job is so overlooked and taken for granted. When one goes to therapy it seems the first finger pointed is always at the mother. Issues are always taken up with the mothers and as mothers, we often have guilt.

I don't think there is one mother of doubles who hasn't said to me, "I feel bad. Child #1 has gotten the worst of me..and now that I know better, Child #2 has lucked out!" So many moms it seems feel guilty about how they've raised their Child #1. And again, these may all just be moms who had not done much reading or met "compassionate, connection parenting" type people before they gave birth. I don't know.
In any case, I'm not trying to talk about guilt right now. I'm talking about Mother's Day.
I am a bit annoyed that there is only ONE day that celebrates mothers. I mean, EVERY day should be about mother's day! Mothers give up so much when they become mothers. Every single mother gives up something to become a mother. It is a very difficult job, without any thanks or accolades and it's a job that last for your entire life.
The other day I overhead a mom saying to her friend's husband, "You better do something HUGE for X for Mother's day!!" (Umm..why just mother's day I ask silently in my mind.)
And then I overheard another mom saying, "Oh, I think I'm going to hold off on my Mother's Day "time off" that weekend and save it for the next weekend so I can do x,y,z." And in my mind, again, I am thinking - Hollld on ONE MINUTE here. I am sorry. You mean, you can't take TWO WEEKENDS off in a row? Mind you, it would only be one day out of that weekend. This mom can't take a day for herself on mother's day and then expect to take the following Saturday off too? WTF?? And I mean that in ALL CAPS! That is not okay.
Yeah, I know. Fathers work and they work hard but that work is not the same as taking care of three children all under the age of 6! Okay? That is seriously draining. You get hardly a moment's downtime, whereas, Dads, when you guys work. I know you have time off to eat lunch, chat with friends and probably surf your social channels.
I call BS. I call BS on Mother's Day being just one measly day.

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