Saturday, April 25, 2015

We are All Human Experiments...

I had the opportunity to catch a screening of "The Human Experiment"

Do you remember the movie, "Unacceptable Levels"? The Human Experiment is very similar in content, but the delivery is much more hopeful.

What this movie show us is that Big Business is too BIG to fight at the government level. Actually, you need to continue to help fight the good fight when there is the opportunity, but big business is so large and so profitable that they can shut congressmen down that are trying to put bills in action.

And guess who's making them profitable?? We ARE!  Well, YOU are if you aren't on the green train yet.  Who do you think benefits from your inability to act? Not you...not your child or our future generations.

What The Human Experiment tells us is that consumers can vote with their wallets. Every individual choice counts. Your dollars definitely count. Already we see a lot more organic options available at the local grocery store. The local CVS carries an organic cotton maxi pad that I discovered at the Natural Products Expo! The more consumers we get putting their dollars where it counts, the sooner we will see changes.

An audience member asked, "What is one thing we can do today to make a positive change?"

The answer from Rachel Sarnoff of Mommy Greenest was "Replace your cleaners with vinegar." Yes! We literally clean our entire house with white distilled vinegar and baking soda. You don't need those harsh chemicals.

And of course, put your money into those green non-toxic beauty brands that work harder to make sure they are putting the best, most efficacious products on the market - Laurel Whole Plant Organics, La Bella Figura, May Lindstrom, Josh Rosebrook, anything at The Detox Market..Gressa Skin.

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