Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Does it ever end?

This lying to us by brands and our government? Next up - Olive Oil!  Yes! Olive oil.  Apparently over 60% of olive oil on the shelves today isn't really olive oil. That's tragic isn't it?

I am so tired of seeing the same old thing like from this Forbes article:

You’ll also see words and phrases like “light olive oil” and “cold pressed” that don’t actually mean anything;

It's the same as when we are talking about the Personal Care Industry and the words "Organic" and "Natural" don't actually mean anything.

Oh, and in the food industry when something is labeled "Organic" or "Free range" that also doesn't mean anything, as evidenced here in the FoxBusiness article.

But there is no standard for the natural label. A grower or manufacturer could include some or all of the components banned in organic products in an item and still stick ‘natural’ on the label, claims Alexis Baden-Mayer, political director of the Organic Consumers Organization

When are we going to step up and do something about this? Yes, it takes a bit of effort to go the extra mile and do a little research and maybe finding a good purveyor and blessing them with your business so that they can stay in business to do the good work that they do. Let's bring it back to the local farmer. The guy that's really loving on his crops, his animals to bring you that love and care in the food you eat. If we all make better choices, then the industries just may shift! But we should try to act more quickly than the current pace.

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