Monday, June 2, 2014

Nutrition in a capsule

I just met with a woman who swears by Juice Plus+ capsules.  There are three varieties - Orchard Blend, Garden Blend and Vineyard Blend.  She knew I had a daughter so had said, "We have these in gummy form too. I will give you some for your daughter."

My response was, "Does it have sugar?"  Yes, it does.  But it needs to in order to make the gummies taste palatable.  I can understand that.

And then I said, "Well, I am a firm believer that we should be getting our nutrition straight from the source via a balanced diet." Of course, I tried the gummies and they were yummy, but I still would prefer whole foods.

And then she rebutted with, "Well..yes, but in today's market oftentimes even the vegetables and fruits that we do consume whole don't offer the same nutrition they did 50 years ago."  Yes!  That is a good point and I remember reading something about that.  And more here.

According to a NY Times blog about packaged foods, if we are buying pre-packaged goods like cut kale in a bag or pre-washed salads, these seem to be less nutritious than if we were to buy the whole vegetable. And, of course, discrepancies between organic versus non-organic.

I mean, as if parenting weren't hard enough in and of itself, we also have to constantly be fishing out best food (and personal care products) options for our families.  The pursuit of convenience seems to be taking a toll on our health...convenience but at what cost?

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