Friday, June 27, 2014

On exercise

Wow, the older I get the more I need incentives to actually get out there and exercise.  I think a little bit might be time constraints. I don't have a lot of time (well, I did when the babe was in school, but now that she is on summer break....). But a little is that now that I am older, I really wish I didn't have to exercise at all.

When I was younger, jogging was no problem!  Of course, the incentive was to stay slim and still be able to eat whatever I want.  Maybe being single was more of an incentive to look good?

I don't know but I think it's perfectly unfair that as we get older, our bodies need a LOT more exercise in order to stay fit.  And I feel like after having a baby, it's even more difficult.  Oh yeah, it's the whole slow recovery thing and needing more sleep thing and not having enough sleep due to work, the kid, great TV shows like Game of Thrones??!

Anyhooo, I was recently part of a wedding.  I was the only bridesmaid that was in her forties. The rest were under 30!  So, of course that was a great big incentive to hit the pavement, jog and go to Pilates.  I absolutely LOVE Pilates and only at Shape Shift Pilates.  What a great name for a Pilates Studio that really gets results.  I swear my shape has shifted for the better! I am more toned than when I was only jogging and every time I go in there for my private session, I am sore the next day. They really assess your ability level and work you accordingly.

I have been a gym member for maybe all of my teens, 20's and 30's with no great results.  Mainly, because I loathe the gym.  It is SO BOOORING and I never really like the group classes.  I've tried yoga which really should be right up my alley - stretching, working AND meditation?  Sign me up! But, no.  No sign up. I think mostly it's because I don't like group classes.  I feel like if I'm not getting personal attention with things like yoga and pilates, then I'm not sure if I'm actually doing the exercises right, not sure if I'm getting the benefits I'm supposed to get so no, no group classes for me.

I was jogging for a while. I think I've done five half marathons and a couple mini-tris?  I loved that.  Really.  But now that I don't have any half marathons lined up, I don't have the incentive to run hard.  Tragic, isn't it?  Oh, but when I was listening to Hunger Games (hey this is kinda fun), running was practically effortless. That and Tina Fey's "Bossypants"

Maybe I need to get a new audiobook.

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