Thursday, June 5, 2014

Manifest your destiny

This is what I'm into lately.  Truthfully, I've been trying to find meditation for a long time.  I have a tattoo of a lotus flower on the inside of my wrist that I had put there to remind me to meditate.
 This was when I was interested in this one Buddhist practice called Soka Gakkai that I was introduced to by a friend in Pittsburgh.  But, I didn't get completely into it because I couldn't get over chanting in Japanese.

Then when I married, my mother-in-law is a practicing Buddhist. The Chinese kind.  She actually belongs to the same Buddhist temple that my aunt in Taiwan belongs to.  I have a bunch of meditation/Buddhism books that I have yet to read.  But I really feel like all signs point to "YES" when it comes to meditation, living with intent, living in the present...connecting to your higher self and the universe.

I was part of a teleseminar recently that spoke about the power of manifestation.  The speaker shared that every person is absolutely able to manifest your destiny - you just have to believe and have willful intent.  You can wish upon something and put up mind barriers (like 10 reasons why you couldn't possibly achieve X) and then it won't happen.  I'm not exactly quite sure how this works but I've also heard quite a few times that if you want something and you write it down, just that one act puts the thought into the universe and you have the potential to achieve.  When it will happen is unknown...

I can't even tell you how many times things have just manifested when I needed it most.  Especially when it comes to Seeds of Joy Village, our school.  Gifts have been bestowed upon us.

And on a personal note, we adopted my beloved bulldog, Yoda about three years ago when we moved back to Lala-land.  To say I love bulldogs is an understatement.  However, for a while I was kind of lamenting the fact that I have a bulldog, particularly this one who is old, walks VERY, VERRRRRRY SSSSLLOOOOWW but loves to go on long walks.  So, if you can imagine, it takes about an hour to walk four to five blocks.  And, I really love jogging.  So, I've been whining that I should've gotten a jogging dog because I need to be able to kill two birds with one stone - get the dog out for exercise and complete my exercise while I'm at it.

But, now I am realizing that it's been destined all along.  In my quest to find more time to meditate, this dog is my answer!  If I take him on a long walk, that is sufficient as my meditation time provided I go by myself and leave my phone behind which is what I most often do now. It's a blessing on my spiritual journey.

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