Monday, February 10, 2014

Update on oil-pulling

Okay, I have been doing this for a week now?  Maybe more?  Here are my thoughts:

I definitely believe we should still be brushing our teeth.  I think the oil definitely pulls out all the bacteria, but I didn't feel my teeth were whiter since I felt like they had a coat of oil stuck on them?

After about three days not brushing, I decided to brush my teeth with baking soda.  Wow, it felt niiice. My teeth felt like they do when I get back from my dentist after a teeth cleaning.  However, I do believe there are some cons to excessive brushing with baking soda.  Here's an interesting link that introduces some very interesting baking soda and something else combinations for brushing teeth.  It states that long time brushing with baking soda can wear down your teeth's enamel.  But this butterbeliever states otherwise...who to believe?  Nothing doing but to try myself.  Wait, does enamel eventually grow back??  By the way, if you do click on butterbeliever's site, you'll be surprised at how harmful flouride really is for you. Might want to reconsider whatever brand of toothpaste you are currently using.  Especially for your children.  Jus' sayin'.

Back to oil-pulling.  I guess whereas I thought that my oil pulling could replace brushing with toothpaste, it really doesn't, for me.  But I still like it and will really try to continue this until my next teeth cleaning.  I may just brush with water!

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