Monday, February 17, 2014

Not just an empty jar of peanut butter

This is may look like just an empty jar of peanut butter...
But it's not!  It is now a vessel for my overnight oatmeal!  I took this jar and put in oatmeal (raw, rolled oats), some yogurt, milk and chia seeds.
This is what it looked like:

Then I put that in the refrigerator and will keep it there for two days.  Usually, this is done overnight and voila you have breakfast in the morning.  But I'm keeping mine in for two days because I want to see if the chia actually bubbles.  It's supposed to absorb some of the liquid and become a little gelatinous with a seed in the middle.

I'm so excited for this!  When I pull it out tomorrow morning, I will add some bananas (because I love banana and peanut butter) and maybe some nuts.

Here are some other recipes for overnight oatmeal. This is where the original inspiration came from.

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