Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My mirror

D is my mirror.  A mirror of my mommy persona.  Not my public persona...right?  Because our pubic personas are much better than our private personas.  At least in my case.

Watching D play with her cousin last weekend. I could see that whenever D got frustrated or felt like she wanted to "persuade" her cousin to do what she wants her to do, she would raise her voice.  And if she was still not getting her way, raise her voice some more.  Uhh...yeah.  At that point I could see that I was looking at a mirror and seeing that is just how I tend to get when D is not hearing me. (EEKS! That makes me want to cringe) Of course, I only do that with G or D.  I would never raise my voice in a work environment.  That's not productive.  Then again, raising my voice at home is not productive either and now as I can see, my daughter is acting the same way.  Whoops.  Time to work on that one...

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