Saturday, November 2, 2013

Witchie poo

Yesterday was Halloween.  I had been pondering and pondering how to make D's witch costume.  I had the fabric and I was going to just make the same simple summer dress that I always make...but then I came across this tutorial from Once Upon a Sewing Machine and thought this would be the perfect pattern for her costume!

Well, it kind of was, but in making this dress
I realized that sewing is not for those who lack common me.  If you go through the tutorial, she basically has you sew one part of the arm to the front and one part of the other arm to the back and then you sew both sides together. Well, I didn't get that from the tutorial.  What I did was sew both sides of the arm to the front and then both sides of the other arm to the back.  Uh-duh...that didn't work!  So then I realized the error of my ways and had to unstitch and restitch to get the pattern right.

And then when I was making the neck (it's pulled together with elastic), the tutorial specifically states  to "make sure you leave a hole in which to put your elastic".  When I read that, I thought, "Well, duh, of course you would have a hole because you've just sewn a tube...of course there's the hole."  Well...wouldn't you know it.  I sewed the whole "tube" and then looked at my finished product and thought "Oh.  Right.  Now I haven't left a hole in which to thread the elastic.  Oh I get it now."  So then, nonsensical me had to unstitch a little hole so that I could thread the elastic through and then restitch.  When I sew there is a lot of sewing then unsewing then sewing again.  You can see how that can be quite time consuming. But I rather like sewing so I'm hoping that the more I sew, the more common sense I can gain?

In the end, the dress was made and it looked great!  Showed dad the dress and he remarks, "Where's her cape?"  Me: "Witches don't need capes."  Dad: "Yes they do! She needs a cape."

I ignore him.  Then in the morning, she's modeling her costume for him and he whispers to me, "Maybe you have some fabric left over and you can make her a cape?"

Lord!  Is he relentless? So I take myself to Jo-Ann's and buy some fabric and whipped up a cape!  Yes!  All by myself in my head..without any common sense but I pulled it off!  Proud I am of myself...yes.

Hence, my previous post where I talk about being annoyed that D came home with a hoodie full of twigs and dirt - I don't have time for that!!

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