Wednesday, November 20, 2013

When you are born of fire...

When you are born of fire, it's very difficult to be all warm fuzzies all the time.  When D was young, I had a lot of fire and I did not make any attempts to hide it.  I am who I am..though I must admit, there were times when I lost my temper and then regretted it because, after all, she was just a baby doing baby things.

Then as I watched this child grow, I really consciously worked at tempering my fire.  I have made great progress and am quite good at not losing my temper.  However, as good as I may just can't take the fire out of me.  D really has been pushing our buttons lately - she is just so obstinate and hardly ever wants to listen.  Is this a typical four year old's behavior?  Will she grow out of it?

I see other people's children and I see them acting so politely and sit so quietly...and then I look at D and just shake my head. I mean, I guess it must be true what they say - Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

When I found out I was having a girl, I wished with all my might that I would have a strong-willed girl.  No shrinking violet or emo-sensitive child.  I basically said, "I do NOT want a teenager that is going to come home crying about a boy..."  Uggh.  That would be the worst because if anyone knows me, up to a certain age, I flipped and became headstrong.  I cannot stand for girls crying over boys...there are plenty of fish in the sea.

And now I have her.  A strong-willed little girl that is driving her father and me crazy!!  Sometimes we just look at each other and say, "What is wrong with her??"  I have to remember, this will all pay off in the end.  She will crush boys.  :o)

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