Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cleaning house

We recently saw this movie.  Our school arranged for a screening in the South Bay.  While the movie itself was a bit long-winded and the film maker kind of seemed like he was putting in some gratuitous footage of his family, the content really hit home.
G and I came home and the first thing he did was throw away all our household cleaners.  We now only use vinegar, water, baking soda and borax...and some lemons.  That's it!!

For a while I was trying to get away with just using Dr. Bronner liquid soap and vinegar for my dishes but it just doesn't seem to cut grease. My dishes were drying with a film and spots and I do not like that.  Our favorite eco dish soap is Planet.  I've found that works the best to cut grease.

We got rid of all our non-stick cookware.  Eww, yuck.  We got a great iron pan that we love.  Iron is always good for you.  And we want to add more cast iron and enameled cookware to our repertoire.

On a side note, another thing that has been bothering me is industrialized farming (so far I've avoided anything that has to do with that, ie, I did NOT watch Food, Inc).  I guess I've just been trying to do the ostrich thing and bury my head in the sand because I just can't take it, knowing those animals are abused.  I just don't understand how we, as a society can just overlook this.  How are we just so unkind??

Sadly,  I just came across this video that shows these animal being unjustly treated inhumanely - I mean, seriously, kill these animals for food but you don't have to abuse them!  I think we should take a good look at these guys that work in these slaughterhouses.  They must really hate their lives to want to take such unjust actions towards a poor defenseless animal.  They must have some kind of sociological/psychological disorder.  Why should we look at these guys?  Because they probably don't make for good human beings.  If you're willing to abuse an animal, what would keep you from abusing your child or your wife?  Seriously.

I did not even watch that whole video because I just can't.  THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING THAT WE CAN DO TO STOP THIS ABUSE!!  Can someone please tell me what we can do??

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