Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tawashi update

Remember those acrylic sponges that I was so excited about?  As exhibited in a previous post...

I started to crochet some and here's what they look like!  I made a few to give as thank you gifts to some friends.  I think they could make a great gift for eco-conscious friends.

After making a few and gifting them, I thought I better start using it so I know how effective it is. I am updating my "review" of these tawashis.  I think the concept might be a good one, however, I'm not sure if they are actually effective at cleaning in a household that eats full fat meats.  Full fats = lots of grease.  My girlfriend who had turned me onto the tawashi lives in a vegetarian household so I can see how a simple tawashi sponge would be great to clean her dishes.  I've been using mine for a week and spraying vinegar to cut the grease.  The result was not spectacular.  I finally broke down and bought some dish detergent.  While I love the concept of the tawashi for simple dish washing.  I will need to stick with detergent to clean my greasier dishes.  The tawashi just did not cut it.

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