Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NOTHING is sacred...

That thought occurred to me today...and it specifically applies to the three year olds and older.  This afternoon I found D rummaging in her dad's t-shirt drawer.  "What are you looking for?"
"A white t-shirt!  I need one of dad's white t-shirts so I can play dress up!"

The thought crossed my mind to say something like, "Honey, you might not want to play dress up with one of dad's white t-shirts because you might get it dirty."  But then the better me decided not to say anything at all.  So what if she gets the shirt dirty.  He has a bunch of them, we can wash it or we can just use it for something else...she ended up not getting it dirty.

But then this incident just lead me to thinking, "Man, nothing is sacred once this baby can walk, grab, climb..." I bought a stack of colored notecards to use specifically as Thank You notes.  She immediately spotted them and grabbed some to use.  That was months ago...before the better me.  And I told her not to touch them!  Don't touch things on Mommy's desk because these are MINE.  You have your own things to play with.

Of course, I felt bad afterwards.  How can I expect her not to want to use something pretty that will enhance her own art work?  And she's here and it's there...

Which also got me to thinking...you know, ever since this child was born my time is just not my own.  Even something as simple as going #2.  You know, the ONE TIME in a day where one might just get a little "me" time in, read a magazine, meditate, whatever.  No, not for me.  D likes to follow me right in and asks me to read her a book!  I often hear the hubs declaring, "I'm in the bathroom!  I need my privacy!" And she doesn't go in to bother him...no.  But me, she barges right in.

I tell you...it's exhausting sometimes. I'm kind of one of those people that loooves my me time and there's just not enough of that to go around these days.  Really looking forward to the college years..

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