Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Water Kefir!

I love kombucha..but every time I hear about how it's made, I hesitate to make it because it's made with tea.  I can't drink tea.  I can only drink decaf...but then, I came across this great Water Kefir recipe from Nourishing Kitchen.  I love that she gives you exactly what you need to buy to make the water kefir (Ball jars and beer bottles) and then where to buy the Kefir grains.

 Here are the kefir grains.  Then I loaded up the jar with 6 cups of sugar water.

Then added a dash of trace minerals, two unsulfured dried figs and a lemon.  Covered it up with cheesecloth, loosely covered and let it sit for two days!
This is what it looked like after day 1
This is what it looked like after 48 hours.  See how the figs have floated to the top?
Now it's going through a second fermentation.  I've strained the kefir grains out of the kefir and poured it into the beer bottles with 1/4 cup Black Cherry Juice in each. 

Can't wait to see how it turns out.  Tomorrow I will keep my kefir grains going and make a new batch.  This next batch will be ginger lemon!

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