Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Amelia Bedelia

Remember those books? By Peggy Parish? Yes, great books. So funny. I loved to read them as a child. Now my own child seems to have a case of the Amelia Bedelia syndrome and it's not so funny. We would say something and she questions EVERYTHING. Example:

Me: You can fold your own clothes now. You are 8 yrs old

D (whining): Noooo, that's your job. You always do it for meeeeee

Me: No, I used to do everything for you when you were a baby but now you are 8 and you can do it yourself.

D: Oh, really? You used to do everything for me when I was a baby? Like you helped me to breathe???

Do you get it? This kind of exchange happens every. single. day. right now. A bit annoying.

Hope it goes away soon.

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