Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Other people's stories

I truly believe that everyone we meet, we are meant to meet. I came across this thought a long time ago when I read The Celestine Prophecy (I really loved this book) and truly, my life has been such. I have been blessed to meet those who have crossed my path throughout life and each one has been a gift.
So, it would stand to reason that sometimes, their stories are our stories.
I found this to be the case when we hung out with a friend of mine recently. He was lamenting about his wife and how they would argue a lot when they traveled. Mainly because he expects her to do certain things (like schedule their evenings) because he is working all day and wouldn't have time to research their surroundings. And almost every time, she lacked follow through. Ummm...this friend was complaining to me and the hubs and a light bulb sort of went off in my head - Well, I think I am like that sometimes.

Particularly, he recalled an incident where they were supposed to check their luggage somewhere at a train station in Europe. His wife was certain that they had luggage check at point A. When they got there, it was not the case. No luggage check at point A. It was point B. Errrm, yea. That is exactly something that would happen to me. The hubs always double and triple checks things. He will get on the phone to double check. He will call ahead to ask where parking is. That sort of thing. I can see this sort of thing happening to me because I will have looked online, seen that there is luggage check at point A. I will not have called and when we got there, we will have found it under construction.

Oh man. Boy did that drive home the point. I feel very grateful that as irritating as my ineptitude could possibly be for the hubs, he has not outright complained. But I could see in his eyes..when I looked at my friend and said, "Oh, that's me sometimes. Um, maybe cut her some slack?" and then I looked at the hubs his look was, "Um, yea. Welcome to my world."

This is what I mean about our friends and life lessons. I feel blessed that I had this opportunity to learn a little about myself through the hubs eyes without it having to be delivered from him as I am sure it would have stung and I would have recoiled. Funny how life happens.

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