Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New Clean Beauty Finds

In my last post I mentioned that I attended the Indie Beauty Expo here in Los Angeles. Firstly, I'd like to say what a great job they do in helping small indie brands think about scaling up. They brought in Evine as a partner and then since Evine is like a QVC, they also brought in Covalence Laboratories to help these smaller brands recognize that they can scale if/when they want to.

Now onto the discoveries! Well, my client, Lalun Naturals, of course launched her Astral Body collection. I walked away with two products. Skyblue Beard Oil and Golden Sun Drops.

I'm always wanting to find a new beard (shave) oil for the hubs because I think the one he uses is a bit toxic. But none so far seem to provide him with a clean shaving landscape. The two he's tried, including the Skyblue have been too thick. But I think Skyblue was created more to be as an actual beard conditioner and not a shave oil. So I will gift this to a friend with a beard - there's plenty at our school.
Golden Sundrops. I LOOOOVE. LOVE. This oil is like an antidote to sunscreen. It helps your skin to fight free radicals. Maggie, founder and formulator shared that she just used Golden Sundrops recently when she attended her daughter's Pentathlon down in Coronado Bay and while all the other moms seems to have gotten burned from being in the sun all day, Maggie's skin did not at all. Healthy sun skin relationship! Not to mention, the oil smells amazing. It smells all warm and glowy like dried orange peel and cloves.

Next up in discoveries are two new brands - Shamanuti and Linné. Shamanuti was at the booth next to us and Beth is good friends with Maggie. I got the Pumpkin Enzyme Masque and Golden Light Creme. I asked them which were the best products and they suggested these two....

I really like the pumpkin mask. It smells like pumpkin pie and you can really see and feel it working - tingles on the skin and my skin turned red! Now as for the Golden Light Creme...well, I'm not sure how I feel about it given that when she suggested it, I warned her, "Now are you sure you would suggest this creme knowing that I own a lot of moisturizers..." She said, Yes. I mean, I like it. It's all right. What confuses me a bit is that Emma, the head of sales said what she liked about this creme is that it has light reflectors (yeay!) so I thought that was a good sell. But, then when I bought it and took it home and read the packaging, it says, "good to put on before bed so it can work on your skin while you sleep" Well...that doesn't bode well for those little light reflectors. Granted, I don't have to follow directions, but I kind of like to? Eh, whether I think this moisturizer is outstanding remains to be seen! But I do like the brand.

Linné Botanicals. This brand just looks so beautiful. Look at that packaging! I bought the Smooth body balm and I love it. Rich and moisturizing. The Purify face wash I bought because it smelled so amazing. I probably won't get around to trying it out for a while, but I'm glad I purchased it since I love discovering new brands!

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