Sunday, April 17, 2016

Peace & Connection

True to my Internet ADHD, I got sidetracked the other day...who knows what I was looking for, usually it's looking up articles that journalists have written and I came across this lovely post from ohh, 2015.

It's about ending the day with peace & connection with our children. How lovely is that?

I am actually a big advocate of apologies no matter when you find it within yourself to do it. One thing to note though, (which I was reminded of when listening to a Stephen Spitalny lecture), is to stay away from the word "BUT" Yes, "but" basically negates anything that you said prior to that word.

Yea, that makes sense. Even before Stephen kindly reminded, I have often felt "but" negates apologies. In fact, I have had conversations with the hubs when he has said, "I'm sorry xyz, but..." And then one usually goes on to say why one did or reacted the way one did and in adding in the "but" it basically says, "But I actually had a good reason"? Right?

I try very hard not to use the word But. Umm, I caught myself using it the other day in my apology and I could've kicked myself because all day long I was saying to myself, "When I see D, I will apologize and continue with AND..I could've" But of course, "but" seems to be so eager to surface.

Anyhoo, back to Rachel Macy Stafford's article. My favorites are 5 and 7.

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