Thursday, April 2, 2015

Parenting. Parenthood.

Man, every time I see kids, like on American Idol or whatever I often think, "Wow, her/his parents must be really awesome.  Such good parents."  Or when I hear of something bad from a person, I think, "Wow, his/her poor parents.  What must they be going through?"

It also is just such a reminder of the importance of parenting.  I think so much of what you do as a parent gets imparted onto your child.  It's not even the nuggets of information that you can share with them but actually what you do.  Your actions.  Isn't that just so crazy??

My kid...she talks just like me right now.  So sarcastic and like, she talks like everyone around her is just so stoopid.  "Uh, hello? ..."  "Have you ever seen, blah de blah.."  I can talk at her all I want - "D, be kind."  "That's not nice."

But if I'm talking to her like that, then she catches it and passes it on.  Oh well.

By the way, I'm watching American Idol right now as I'm typing this and Ryan Seacrest's mother is in the audience.  I'm thinking, "Well those parents sure did something right."  He's only the master of the universe right now, isn't he?  He's a radio show host, he hosts AI, isn't he executive producer on a bunch of shows?  I mean, this guy is killing it.  Not that I am looking for that from the babes, but, hey, I won't complain if she becomes the master of the universe in her time.  :o)

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