Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ooh, SJP shoes!!

I meeaaan...who doesn't love Sarah Jessica Parker??!  Not a single soul I would bet.  I, myself, I kinda love her.  I loved her character Carrie Bradshaw, that's true.  But I kind of like her as a person.  She seems very sweet and she was definitely sweet when I worked for Boden and often sent her Mini Boden for her son.  She always sent a thank you card.

She launched her new SJP Shoe line today at Nordstrom at The Grove. I so wanted to go because she was going to be there.  But, I am not driving over an hour just to catch a glimpse of her over a sea of other fans.  No thanks. I like the girl, but not that much.

Here is an interview from the LA Times on All The Rage last Tuesday.  And here are some beautiful images of the shoes, compliments of Tom and Lorenzo dot com.

Can't wait to check out the shoes soon!  Maybe even buy a pair.  But, oh, which one to choose?  There are so many cute ones!

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